My Bucket caddy is my life...

organization is everything

My bucket caddy is one of the most necessary tools that I own. It is not fancy, and it doesn't get a lot of views when I review it... but it is of the upmost importance. In the detailing world, organization is everything, and I cannot afford to waste time. The bucket caddy allows me to keep all my necessary tools and products with me at all times, so I am not walking back and forth grabbing things that I should already have! Seriously... this tool is no joke.

The auto detailing industry is confusing, deceptive, and so full of hype you never

know when someone is shooting you straight, or just trying to sell you. DetailingJunk is an online auto detailing encyclopedia & store designed to answer all of your questions, and help you find the best products, tools, and strategies that are available in the detailing industry today! 

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